Some words about us


Escape day Spa is the Best Place in the Heart of the city of Culver City, where you can release everyday stress..... Escape from the 405 freeway, just 2 miles from Playa Vista. Our deep tissue Masseuses are well known by many, Our clients keep coming back for more, why shouldn't you?

Escape Day Spa's therapists extend their helping hands to the tense and weary citizens of Los Angeles. They practice seven different styles of massage. Our therapists help bodies limber up with the assisted stretches of Thai massage, for example, and break up knots with deep tissue massage. We also help expectant mothers deal with muscle pain and joint stiffness through pregnancy massage and provide sports massage to help athletes recover from injuries sustained on the field or during a too-enthusiastic victory dance.

About Massage benefits

  • Massage plays an essential role in the natural health of body, mind and spirit.

    Although the many benefits of massage are uni- versal, each person has different needs, resulting from a lifetime of unique experiences. Massage therapy addresses those unique needs, making it automatically tailored for each individual, some of the most common benefits of massage include the following:

    - Improve circulation, flexibility and metabolic efficiency
    - Enhanced athletic performance - Increased mental clarity and awareness
    - Relief from muscle spasm, soreness and stiffness
    - Relief from tension-related headaches and back pain
    - Deep relaxation, resulting in decreased stress
    - Decreased acute and chronic pain