Lymphatic Drainage Facial

If your lymphatic system isn’t in tip-top shape, it’ll show in your complexion.

Since a large number of lymph nodes are located under your chin, near your clavicle, and behind your ears, a facial that’s specialized in lymphatic drainage can help revitalize your skin (and immune health) on a deeper level than topical treatments can reach.

The many benefits of the feel-good facial

The facial itself feels like your typical face treatment, minus the slathering on and off of numerous masks and serums. Instead, it’s typically done with zero products at all—just the aesthetician’s hands applying strong pressure to your face. The massage component is more intense than your standard facial because the whole point is to stimulate certain lymph points, but it still feels good (believe me).

Beyond a radiant complexion, lymphatic drainage facials act as a face workout: The massage strengthens your facial muscles, boosts oxygen flow, and releases endorphins. This offsets negative affects of adrenaline, like stress. With pumping lymphs, you’ll look and feel amazing.

All of our services stop 5 minutes prior to the end of each session.




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