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Vitta Hiperemim Lipothermic Fluid


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  • Suitable for male and female skins, Vitta Hiperemim Lipothermic Fluid activates microcirculation and skin heating. Stimulates lipolysis and reduces measures, giving intense anti-cellulite action.

    • Combine with series of Brazilian Lymphatic  Body Shape Massage 
    • Also great  to use before work out!
    • Causes hyperemia and warming
    • Contains methyl nicotinate
    • Reduces measures
    • Reduces localized fat
    • Has anti-cellulite action
    • Activates microcirculation
  • Spray on the area to be treated and spread with circular movements. After being applied, the skin will look red. This reaction is normal and can remain for up to 1 hour after application. Daily use.

  • CaCCi botanical complex (mackerel, seaweed, horse chestnut and centella) stimulates cellular metabolism, tones the skin and protects blood vessels. Botanical complex recommended for body treatment. It has a vasoconstrictor, decongestant, antilipemic action, activates microcirculation and stimulates metabolism.


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